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About Us

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Our Promise

We are here to satisfy all of your freight shipping needs.
Our logistics company will strive to provide you with on-time pickup and delivery services while ensuring the safety of your cargo. We stay with your cargo almost as if we were aboard the truck. We see your freight from the beginning at pickup to the end at delivery. Let us earn your business!

Seven Day Logistics

We are an asset based company in Longview, TX that provides exceptional logistics treating each client’s cargo like it were our own. Serving clients nationwide, our business specializes in providing quality logistic services to various sectors such as shippers, manufacturers, government agencies, and more. Regardless of the size of your cargo, we’re here to help you.

We Do all the Heavy Lifting for You

Every day, increasingly difficult shipping demands can put pressure on your business. The ability to be efficient requires a shift in focus—from short-term capacity to long-term flexability. Work with us so that we can build a supply chain solution for your business, no matter the size or complexity.


Manage all of your freight shipping needs with a team that has your back.


We’ve built relationships with  owner operators and private fleets to match up freight shipments every day. This means we can move your freight any time to anywhere to anyplace.


We let our services speak for themselves. The way we achieve the level of expedited service is by our logistics team working together to be more efficient and providing greater confidence for our Clients.

Let Us Drive Your Business Forward........

Work with us so that can empower you to grow in a rapidly changing world. Our diverse, solutions will ensure we get the job done no matter the challenges. Lets get started today!